Business development services refer to a range of professional services and activities aimed at helping businesses grow and succeed. These services can include market research, product development, marketing and sales strategies, strategic planning, and fundraising and financing advice. The ultimate goal of business development services is to support companies in achieving their business objectives and realizing their full potential.



IACC plays an important role in promoting economic development in a community by supporting local businesses and fostering a strong and vibrant local economy. This can be achieved through various means such as:

Networking and business promotion: We host events and initiatives aimed at bringing local businesses together and promoting their products and services to the wider community.

Business advocacy: We represent the interests of local businesses and advocate for policies that support the growth and development of the local economy.

Business support services: We offer a range of support services for local businesses, such as business training, mentorship, and access to financing.

Attraction of new businesses: We work to attract new businesses to the community and provide support to help them get established.

Infrastructure improvement: We play a role in advocating for infrastructure improvements that support the growth and development of local businesses.

Overall, IACC  serves as a key player in promoting and supporting the economic development of a community, and in turn, enhance the standard of living for its citizens.



The advocacy role of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce involves representing the interests of the local business community and advocating for policies and initiatives that support their growth and success. This can include:

Lobbying: We lobby local, state, and federal governments on behalf of the business community, advocating for policies and regulations that support economic growth and development.

Policy development: We work to develop policies and recommendations for government and other organizations that support the growth and development of the local business community.

Education and outreach: We educate the public and government officials about the importance of the local business community and the benefits it provides to the wider community.

Representation: We serve as a representative voice for the business community, providing a platform for businesses to express their opinions and concerns.

Overall, the advocacy role of IACC is essential in promoting and supporting the growth and success of the local business community, and in turn, the economic development of the wider community.