A CEO roundtable is a meeting of CEOs from various companies or organizations, typically in the same industry or with a common interest. The purpose of these roundtables is to provide a forum for CEOs to exchange ideas, discuss common challenges, and explore potential opportunities for collaboration and growth. CEO roundtables may also provide a space for CEOs to network with one another, share best practices, and hear from industry experts and thought leaders. These meetings are often invitation-only and held in a private, confidential setting to encourage open and candid discussion.

A business roundtable is a group discussion of business issues, facilitated by a business professional. It aims to:

  • Engage local small business owners and provide easy access to the rich resources available to them
  • Help emerging firms get started on the right foot and stay in business long enough to overcome many of the early obstacles that cause failure

Non Profits Roundtable

Business Leaders Roundtable

Millennial Roundtable

Indian Business Roundtable

Advisory Leaders Roundtable