Indo-American Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in promoting workforce development in our community. This is achieved through various means such as:

Job training and education programs: We offer job training programs, educational workshops, and other initiatives aimed at improving the skills and qualifications of local workers.

Workforce attraction and retention: We work to attract new businesses and industries to the community, providing new job opportunities for local workers. We work to retain existing businesses and prevent them from moving to other communities.

Connecting employers with job seekers: We act as a bridge between local businesses and job seekers, connecting them with one another and helping to match workers with the right job opportunities.

Supporting entrepreneurship: We offer support to aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with access to resources and training programs to help them start and grow their businesses.

Promoting career development: We work to promote career development opportunities for local workers, helping them to build skills, advance in their careers, and increase their earning potential.

Overall, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce  plays a key role in promoting workforce development and helping to ensure that local workers have the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the local economy.